Top 5 Popular College Sports

How about a more enjoyable experience in college? Joining school organizations and being part of the team of some of the popular college sports will give you a lot of advantages. Not only do they offer you college scholarship, but they also contribute to a big part of your future; thus, they help you achieve your dreams. Here is a list of the top 5 well-known college sports that you can choose from depending on your capability and interest.

First on the list is football. Football is a sport played between two teams consisting of eleven players each. Its objective is to advance the ball into the opposing team’s end zone by carrying it or by throwing it to a teammate so that you score points. It is a very aggressive game, so if you play this sport, you must be able to work out to build more muscles and be physically stronger.

Second on the list is soccer. Soccer is also known as association football, which is played by eleven players on each team. It is a physically and mentally demanding sport, which requires athletic skills and quick thinking. It is probably one of the most popular college sports all over the world because it is virtually played by almost all countries in one form or another.

Third on the list is basketball. Basketball is played by two teams with five players each, in which the objective of the game is to make points by shooting the ball in the ring and passing the ball through blind passes, assists, and dribbles; this sport usually requires you to be sufficiently tall.

The fourth on the list is baseball. Baseball is played by two teams; the aim of the team on the field is to prevent the batter from scoring, but if the batter hits the ball, the real work of the players in the field begins.

The fifth on the list is ice hockey. Ice hockey is one of the fastest of all team sports, and it is played by two teams with eleven players each. This is one of the rugged sports that demand superbly conditioned athletes — because even without the fouls, the sheer speed of the action on the ice can cause serious injuries.

This is only an overview of the most popular college sports. Before deciding what college sports to join, you must ensure you have the necessary athletic skills and conditioned body.

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